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Whether you're new to "doing Jewish" or need new material to help add meaning to your current routine, Marketing Jewru™ is the place to be!


A wise rabbi once said: Judaism is a great product, but the marketing sucks. Sad, but true. I truly, madly and deeply love being Jewish, but argh! it can be SO boring! Nowhere in my upbringing was I taught to be creative with my Judaism, and to share with others all the ways in which it profoundly enriches my spirit, my family and my life.

Then I became a branding professional; for 20 years Ive been coming up with ads for Manhattan Mini Storage. Stuff like:



But back to the Jews my people. Over the years, I started designing and curating user-friendly Jewish content for the big holidays. Id have friends over to celebrate, and they were people who came from varying degrees of Jewish background; some of them identified culturally as Jewish but had barely set foot in a synagogue. Ive always believed that anyone who feels Jewish or wants to is Jewish. So my goal was to connect people with elements of the stories and the service that were both meaningful and accessible the stuff people really get.

It turned out my friends and guests loved these reconstructed services. For many of them, these celebrations were the start of a renewed embrace of their religious, spiritual and cultural selves. And I got great joy out of mining Judaism for its great riches and marketing it for other people to experience.

But now, because I cant fit all of you at my dining room table, I am sharing that content with you online, so that you too can benefit from the great stuff that being Jewish has to offer. The only thing I ask in return is: A) Let me know if you use it, and if so, which parts you liked best. B) Share it with others; the best way to do this is to send me their email addresses so I can add them to the distribution list. C) Write back to me and share your own experiences. Id love to start an ongoing dialogue.

Some of the content on this Jewru site is my original writing, and the rest of it I curated from searching Jewish books and online resources. Whenever I know the authorship of a piece, I have given credit.

I hope to hear from you, and I hope this site helps you turn up your Jewish.


Archie Gottesman
Marketing Jewru™

PS. After 20 years of making Manhattan Mini Storage one of the most iconic and talked-about brands in New York City, my business partner, Stacy Stuart, and I just launched our own branding company called STARCH! Our mission is to help other organizations and businesses, Jewish or not, get their messages across in the most original, powerful way possible. So if youre in need of some first-rate branding, email me about that too!